Secret or open? Watch the #NoConfidence vote announcement live

Secret or open? Watch the #NoConfidence vote announcement live

Secret or open? Watch the #NoConfidence vote announcement live

Regardless of National Assembly Speaker, Baleka Mbete's decision on whether the vote will be conducted via a secret ballot or not, the DA will be voting to remove President Zuma.

On Monday, Speaker of Parliament, Baleka Mbete, announced her decision that the vote would occur via a secret ballot.

It was also significant that she noted a secret ballot becomes necessary when "circumstances are toxic" - this in reference to the threats and bullying directed at ANC MPs who indicated they would vote according to their conscience.

"The speaker must do that without fear or favour", Mbete said in her speech.

The motion was brought by opposition parties, and if Tuesday's secret ballot succeeds Mr Zuma and his cabinet would have to step down.

In recent weeks, two ANC lawmakers who publicly said they meant to vote against Zuma were quickly censured by the party.

The ANC in the greater KwaDukuza Region is set to stage a march against calls for the removal of President Jacob Zuma tomorrow (Tuesday, August 8).

"It is my duty to act responsibly when I assessed how my decision will impact all members".

She also said the Constitutional Court had not given her a date by which she had to make her decision known.

Zikalala said it was unusual and unfortunate that some ANC members thought "their conscience takes precedence over the collective wisdom of the movement".

Speaking at an "unprecedented" media event on Monday afternoon, Mbete said that she considered the Constitutional Court judgement which gave her exclusive power, views of South Africa's political parties as well as legal advice.

Zuma is due to quit as ANC leader in December.

Spokesperson Zizi Kodwa says they still believe ANC MPs will vote to keep Zuma in power.

Therefore‚ any number higher than 155 votes in support of the motion means ANC MPs have defied the party's instruction.

"The August local government election a year ago was a very resounding message to the ANC, which the ANC, my organisation, will ignore. whichis why we can not afford to be sanctioning the behaviour of a president as the rule to have violated the Constitution".

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