Trump Stands by McMaster, Claims He's 'Very Pro

Trump Stands by McMaster, Claims He's 'Very Pro

Trump Stands by McMaster, Claims He's 'Very Pro

Senior Adviser and Trump's son-in-law Jared Kushner also backed the globalist general: "General McMaster is a true public servant and a tremendous asset for the president and the administration", he said. "Trump wants to get us out of Afghanistan - McMaster wants to go in".

The reason Trump made the pro-Israel comment is because one of the lines of attack against McMaster has been that he is secretly anti-Israel.

McMaster, it should be noted, was the Trump administration's most senior representative and speaker earlier this year at the Israeli embassy's annual Independence Day event.

In a YouTube video, Cernovich also accused McMaster of being a "Deep State plant" who was "intent on replacing Trump loyalists with Deep State operatives".

McMaster added that he would "waive the requirement that you must have a "need-to-know" to access any classified information contained in items you 'originated, reviewed, signed or received while serving, ' as National Security Adviser". McMaster doesn't. It is incredible to watch it happening right in front of your face.

The Times noted that Frank Gaffney Jr., president of the Center for Security Policy, had called McMaster "insubordinate to his commander in chief" in areas such as Islamic terrorism.

"I just fear there is a real creeping of status quo thinking that is taking over the place".

"The Trumpian view that we were trying to put forward was shut down", an official declared.

Nearly one month after Lake broke that story, McMaster appears to have sent a letter to Rice informing her that she could maintain her security clearance, according to the conservative news outlet Circa, which obtained a copy of the letter.

While Sartor's security clearance remains intact, the Central Intelligence Agency revoked the clearance of Robin Townley, which effectively forced Townley out in February. "They're taking out people who were chosen to best implement the president's policy that he articulated during the campaign". While Cohen-Watnick and McMaster had apparently begun to mend relations over the last several months, The Atlantic article that described Cohen-Watnick as un-fireable pushed McMaster over the edge, according to a source who spoke with Politico.

The firing of the NSC's director for strategy planning, Richard Higgins, on July 21, meanwhile, was linked to a conspiratorial memo he'd sent about radical Islam rather than his ties to Bannon or NSC aide Sebastian Gorka, an NSC aide said.

Last week, McMaster fired Derek Harvey, the NSC's top Middle East adviser, who some White House aides considered to be too close with Bannon.

Moreover, Circa reported on Monday that McMaster allowed former President Obama's national security adviser Susan Rice to keep her security clearance despite the fact that she unmasked members of President Trump's team and other American citizens.

This odd couple remains together, for the time being.

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