British model kidnapped in Milan 'to be sold in online auction'

British model kidnapped in Milan 'to be sold in online auction'

British model kidnapped in Milan 'to be sold in online auction'

Italian Police on Saturday said they arrested a 30-year-old man suspected of abducting a British model in Milan and threatening to auction her online unless a ransom of $300,000 was paid.

Reports also suggest she had the drug Ketamine injected into her arm, reports Corriere della Sera.

Detectives are unclear as to whether Herba was serious about auctioning his victim or if it was simply a threat meant to extort 300,000 euros in Bitcoin from the model's agent and family.

Police say she was injected with an anaesthetic when she arrived at a Milan apartment, put inside a suitcase and taken in the boot of a auto to a village in the Piedmont region.

The woman was released after being held for six days and investigations are being carried out by authorities in Italy, Poland and the UK.

The 20-year-old model had travelled to Italy for what turned out to be a bogus photo shoot in Milan.

At one point, the newspaper said, the woman was told she could be freed upon payment of 50,000 euros (around $60,000).

She arrived at an apartment the following day for the shoot, where she was attacked by two men, say police.

The kidnapper was captured by police as he was accompanying the model to the British Consulate in Milan, according to the Telegraph.

He had told the model that he could not go on holding her because she was a mother of a young child and such abductions were prohibited by "Black Death", a nefarious web-based group he claimed to belong to.

The unnamed suspect faced pre-trial before magistrate Anna Magelli yesterday.

She then woke up handcuffed before her kidnapper attempted to auction her online.

Officers went through Herba's phone and computer and said they found photos of the woman and material stating she was for sale, while hair from both the model and Herba was found in the boot of his vehicle.

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