Massive fire breaks out at Dubai skyscraper

Massive fire breaks out at Dubai skyscraper

Massive fire breaks out at Dubai skyscraper

A huge fire has broken out at Dubai's Torch Tower, one of the world's tallest residential buildings, in a frightening reminder of London's Grenfell Tower disaster.

Authorities said the building was "successfully evacuated" and the inferno, which broke out in the early hours of Friday, was brought under control.

Dubai police cordoned off several streets around the building to keep people away as crowds of shocked locals gathered. Authorities have previously acknowledged that at least 30,000 buildings across the UAE have cladding or paneling that safety experts have said accelerates the rapid spread of fires.

The 84-story Dubai residential building named, appropriately, The Marina Torch, burst into flames again last night.

Social media was filled with images of the blaze and many reported that the fire reached the roof rapidly. More than 1,000 people were evacuated from the 1,105-foot tall building. Firefighting squads from up to four stations helped bring the #Blaze under control.

Another resident, whose gave his name as Mohammed and lives on the 12th floor, said the top part of the tower caught fire first and then lower levels followed as debris fell.

The government media office said "cooling operations were under way". It is unclear how the fire started.

Dubai skyscrapers are equipped with smoke-free, fire-proof safety zones that allow residents to safely exit the building in case of fire, while simultaneously allowing firefighters to combat the blaze and limit damage.

It marks the second fire at the skyscraper in the world-famous Marina district, with an eerily similar incident two years ago. That fatal fire prompted Britain to order a thorough test of the cladding systems of its towers.

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