China: India Intrusion in Border Undermines Peace

China: India Intrusion in Border Undermines Peace

China: India Intrusion in Border Undermines Peace

It said Indian troops "transgressing" into Chinese territory was "indeed a real attempt to change the status quo of the boundary, and it has gravely undermined peace and tranquillity of the China-India border area".

It said the "illegal action" by "trespassing" Indian soldiers "not only violated China's territorial sovereignty but challenged Bhutan's sovereignty and independence".

Beijing alleges Indian forces crossed into a region known in China as Donglang, called Doklam in India, early in June and obstructed work on a road on the Himalayan plateau.

As regards China claim that only three Indian Army tents were sill pitched at least 180 metres inside the Chinese territory, sources said the face-off area was now a tented colony.

In an official response to a Chinese government document addressing the impasse at Doklam, India said its position on the issue had already been articulated in a press statement released on 30 June. "The Indian side should bear corresponding responsibilities". In fact, one battalion of the Indian Army was in the Sikkim area especially to assist the Indian troops at Doklam, should the need arise, The Statesman reported. Doval and Yang are also Special Representatives in the ongoing border talks between two countries. "We are maintaining patience and controlling comments", she said in the Rajya Sabha replying to a discussion on "India's foreign policy and engagement with strategic partners" during which members voiced concern over the stand-off and raised questions over India's strategy.

Talking about foreign relations with Pakistan, she said, "We had created roadmap of peace and friendship".

On 19 June, the Chinese side made prompt and serious representations with the Indian side through diplomatic channels to strongly protest and condemn the illegal trespass by the Indian side and demand the immediate withdrawal of the trespassing Indian border troops back to the Indian side of the boundary. Internationally, the ongoing uncertainties in the Trump White House and the overall U.S. approach towards global issues wherein the United States seems to be withdrawing from most of its commitments is giving China the scope for power projection. This is a prerequisite and basis for resolving the incident.' it added. "The trijunction boundary points between India, China and third countries will be finalised in consultation with concerned countries". Indian officials deny any pullout has taken place.

Defence analyst Ajai Shukla wrote in his blog that not only India, but China had also brought down the number of soldiers involved in the stand-off, which he interpreted as a sign of de-escalation.

With China claiming that the number of Indian border troops has considerably reduced along the disputed Doklam Plateau, defence expert P.K. Sehgal on Thursday accused Beijing of planting misinformation to impress the citizens of their country.

China and Bhutan are friendly neighbors.

She said the Congress leadership rushed to get the Chinese perspective instead of first seeking details from the own government.

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