Boy Scouts balk in response to Trump's latest bogus boasts

Boy Scouts balk in response to Trump's latest bogus boasts

Boy Scouts balk in response to Trump's latest bogus boasts

Surbaugh apologized last week to members of the scouting community who were offended by the political rhetoric in Trump's July 24 speech in West Virginia.

During Wednesday's White House press briefing, press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders bristled at ABC News' Cecilia Vega's suggestion that the president had "lied" about receiving a phone call from the head of the Boy Scouts, seconds after confirming that the president had never received the phone call.

"I want to extend my honest apologies to those in our Scouting family who were offended by the political rhetoric that was inserted into the jamboree", Surbaugh wrote.

Donald Trump managed a historic hat trick last week when he was rebuked by multiple police agencies for his remarks encouraging police brutality; rebuked by the military for his ill-considered and bigoted announcement of a ban on transgender military personnel; and rebuked by the Boy Scouts of America for turning its National Jamboree into a frothing political rally.

"They loved it", the President told the Wall Street Journal, according to a transcript of the interview obtained and published by Politico.

The audience booed Obama in response to Trump's question.

The organization specified that neither of its two top leaders - its president Randall Stephenson and chief scout executive Mike Surbaugh - had called the president, AP said.

"And for five minutes after I had already gone".

The president of Mexico and the Boy Scouts have refuted Donald Trump's claims that he received calls from them praising his immigration policies and speech-making abilities.

The speech represented a marked change from prior presidential speeches to the Boy Scouts, which generally discussed values and service rather than partisan issues.

"These character-building experiences have not diminished in recent days at the jamboree - Scouts have continued to trade patches, climb rock walls, and share stories about the day's adventures", he said.

"The invitation for the sitting United States president to visit the National Jamboree is a long-standing tradition that has been extended to the leader of our nation that has had a Jamboree during his term since 1937. So there was - there was no mix", Trump added.

In his statement, Surbaugh also said that the Boy Scouts have remained "steadfastly non-partisan" despite many attempts by outside parties to have them take positions on political issues.

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