Someone's selfie caused $200000 worth of damage

Someone's selfie caused $200000 worth of damage

Someone's selfie caused $200000 worth of damage

A woman who was visiting the 14th Factory art installation in Los Angeles must now pay $200,000 in damages after her assumed selfie-taking attempt took a awful turn for the worse.

Yu detailed the damage to Hyperallergic, saying, "Three sculptures were permanently damaged and others to varying degrees" and providing the $200,000 figure. It's both cringeworthy and mesmerizing. The damage amounted to around $200,000. Down go all ten of the plinths, taking the art with them.

The viral video was not shared by The 14th Factory, according to its spokesperson, who talked to CNET.

The incident at The 14th Factory featured the work of renowned artist Simon Birch. The temporary exhibition space is so Instagram-ready that the L.A. Times opened their headline with "Oh, the selfies you'll make at L.A.'s 14th Factory." back in May, when art writer Carolina Miranda covered the installation.

A different woman takes a selfie with artist Ai Weiwei.

As you can see from the Live Leak video, a woman appears to squat down near one of the pillars, which holds the statue on top of it, Mashable notes.

The gallery is described has a "monumental, multiple-media, socially engaged art and documentary experience conceived by the Hong Kong-based British artist Simon Birch". She loses her balance and falls over, creating a domino effect as pedestal after pedestal topples over. But please, mind the gap between you, your camera and the artwork when taking a selfie.

In this case, the partially destroyed exhibit is Hyperfine, says Mashable, which displays a series of crowns, each uniquely crafted (and thus, we assume, varied in pricing).

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