SAP goes multicloud with Azure, AWS & Google

SAP goes multicloud with Azure, AWS & Google

SAP goes multicloud with Azure, AWS & Google

The partnership also aims to make SAP Cloud Platform on GCP available globally, as well as future collaboration and integrations in machine learning, the IoT, data transparency and custodian services, and workplace productivity.

"The Protera team is once again very excited to be exhibiting at the SAPPHIRE NOW + ASUG, as this conference is the premier event to connect with SAP customers and the SAP ecosystem".

When asked in a later press conference about Leonardo's potential, McDermott said: "I believe in the next 10 years this can be bigger than the SAP you're talking to today".

Leonardo isn't the only place machine learning is turning up at SAP.

SAP Cloud Platform: SAP's platform-as-a-service offering is now available as a public preview hosted on Microsoft Azure. New big data, analytics and data intelligence capabilities round out the enhancements.

Walldorf, Germany-based SAP is committing to a cloud strategy lately following claims from competitors that it was late to the party - a claim which Bernd Leukert, executive board member and head of products and innovation for SAP, admitted in an executive media briefing Tuesday afternoon. But he said those platforms operate in silos whereas Leonardo has connections to SAP applications, giving it the ability to draw on application data and execute through operational applications.

SAP also is integrating SAP Leonardo capabilities with its existing applications to make them more powerful and intelligent, and will offer services for developers and partners to build their own custom applications supported by a network of SAP Leonardo Centers with initial locations in New York, Paris, São Leopoldo and Bangalore.

McDermott said that speed is important in this particular business revolution, because in his estimation, previous revolutions (the industrial and Internet) allowed "a buffer" between those who led the way and those who waited for the new way to become mainstream to adapt, this time, there is no buffer.

The massive infrastructure instances that Microsoft is offering with over 4TB of RAM will be restricted to use by SAP customers at this point.

SAP IT Operations Analytics 2.0 offers more business context to IT issues with new features to help IT prioritize responses based on business impact. Current partners with expertise with the companies ERP applications - and the business processes they automate - will find IoT opportunities, he said.

However, Co-Pilot is not Apple's Siri digital assistant in a business duds, asserts Darren Roos, president of SAP S/4HANA Cloud. NetWeaver is now certified, and SAP HANA is now certified on larger instances. Customers can also leverage Protera's certified SAP HANA accelerated migration platform FlexBridge - moving customers to the cloud faster and easier by reducing risk, downtime and cost.

The SAP and Google strategic co-innovation partnership announced in March now includes additional certification of SAP technology and applications on Google Cloud Platform (GCP).

SAP has made a formal announcement around its pricing and licensing structure, which instead of penalising those using indirect methods to access data gleaned from the SAP system, will include Indirect Static Read as part of the software license fee.

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