People Died In The Aircraft Crash At Teterboro Airport, New Jersey

People Died In The Aircraft Crash At Teterboro Airport, New Jersey

People Died In The Aircraft Crash At Teterboro Airport, New Jersey

The pilot and co-pilot died in a Learjet crash Monday afternoon as it approached Teterboro Airport in New Jersey, Carlstadt Police dispatcher Don Pomponio said.

The Learjet 35A, a twin-engine jet often used for business or personal travel, crashed at 3:30 p.m. about one-quarter mile (0.4 kilometer) from the busy hub for corporate aviation near NY, according to an emailed statement from the U.S. Federal Aviation Administration.

The small plane crashed Monday while attempting to land at Teterboro Airport, killing two pilots on board and creating a large fireball, officials and witnesses said. Thick plumes of black smoke were seen billowing from the scene. The FAA also said that the LearJet crashed around 3:30 PM at about 0.8 kilometers away from runway 1 of Teterboro Airport shortly. The aircraft went down about 1/4 mile from the airport in a residential area.

"It could have hit us and could have took our homes out", he said. Here are photos showing the scene of the crash: "It hit three buildings".

While the plane, a Learjet 35 equipped with two jet engines, is certified to hold up to 10 people, local authorities said only two were on board, presumably the pilot and co-pilot. "We will update this statement when we get new information".

A Carlstadt police spokesman says that the plane appeared to be listing to its side before it crashed into a building in an industrial area. From there the plane, with only crew aboard, made its final run to Teterboro around 3 p.m. There were no fatalities, but more than 20 people suffered injuries. Frost said that the captain had more than 15 years of experience and had previously flown the same plane for another company. A federal investigation later determined errors by an airport air traffic controller distracted by a personal phone call set the stage for the crash. It was just about to land at Teterboro before the crash. If you would like to discuss another topic, look for a relevant article.

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