White House denies report that Trump asked Comey to end Flynn probe

White House denies report that Trump asked Comey to end Flynn probe

White House denies report that Trump asked Comey to end Flynn probe

"While the president has repeatedly expressed his view that General Flynn is a decent man who served and protected our country, the president has never asked Mr. Comey or anyone else to end any investigation, including any investigation involving General Flynn", the White House said in a statement.

Comey reportedly documented the request in a memo he wrote shortly after the meeting.

Comey wrote the memo to document the conversation with Trump because he was uneasy about the president's request, even though the Federal Bureau of Investigation director didn't consider it a direct threat, said the person who received a copy of the memo.

Comey was in the Oval Office briefing the President along with the vice president and attorney general on February 14, according to a source close to Comey who has a copy of the memo. He dismissed as less desirable at least two of the 14 candidates under consideration, ex-FBI agent and former Rep. Mike Rogers of MI and Sen. "But, on the other hand, you have to realize that - as with any other sort of criminal law - intent is key, and intent here can be hard to prove".

"If there are any tapes, they have to be turned over".

Trump fired Flynn after it was revealed he misled senior administration officials, including Vice President Pence, about his conversations with Russian Ambassador Sergey Kislyak about US sanctions against Moscow. Trump said to Comey that Flynn was a good guy, to which Comey agreed, the person said. "It must be supplemented by a truly bipartisan investigation in Congress as well as a replacement FBI director who is apolitical and sensitive to the law-enforcement mission". "If (Comey's) telling the truth, I don't know how anyone can see this comment as anything but obstruction of justice". "This is not a truthful or accurate portrayal of the conversation between the President and Mr. Comey", the statement read.

Rep. Adam Schiff, D-Calif., the top Democrat on the House Intelligence Committee which is leading a congressional investigation into Russia's influence in the election, demanded Comey must testify to Congress about his conversations with Trump.

Forty-six percent of participants (including 74% of polled Democrats) say Trump was trying to slow down the investigation into potential campaign collusion with Russian Federation.

Uh, yes, so, in the past 24 hours, not only did we discover that the president gave highly classified information to an adversary, but also that he reportedly tried to directly stop the FBI from investigating his associates' connection to said adversary. "I have my subpoena pen ready".

Flynn is a retired general who became a prominent Trump supporter and surrogate during the campaign. US intelligence intercepts showed that they had discussed the topic, according to people familiar with the matter. Since then, the House Oversight Committee has concluded that Flynn's acceptance of payments from the Turkish and Russian governments was likely illegal.

Graham said he does not believe Trump "is a target" of a probe into possible connections between his associates and Russian officials, and said Trump should "let the investigation go forward" - and lay off the tweeting.

"Given the manner of Comey's firing and the pretextual reasons proffered for it, there is no other way", he wrote. "If there are no tapes, he should apologize to both Jim Comey and the American people".

Chaffetz's letter comes just hours after the disclosure that Comey drafted a memo that detailed how Trump had asked him to shut down the Flynn investigation.

Law enforcement officials declined to explain the apparent contradiction between Comey's notes and McCabe's testimony.

He also likened the move to the scandal that brought down former President Richard Nixon.

Even without getting to the bottom of what Trump dismissed as "this Russian Federation thing", impeachable offenses could theoretically have been charged from the outset of this presidency. He also suggested that there might be recordings of his conversations with Comey.

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