New Trailer For Netflix's GLOW

New Trailer For Netflix's GLOW

New Trailer For Netflix's GLOW

Jenji Kohan (Orange is the New Black) will serve as executive producer.

While everyone is still in love with OITNB, we've all been very interested to see what the folks behind it would come up with next, and they have not disappointed.

Netflix ordered the 10-episode comedy-drama a year ago and will debut "GLOW" on June 23. In the trailer for GLOW there are already jokes and conversations about rampant sexism in male-dominated fields, racism and stereotyping in entertainment, and drug use.

The new trailer for the upcoming show reveals much more in terms of what we can expect from the story itself as well as the various characters on show.

One of the most anticipated shows coming to Netflix this summer has finally released the official trailer.

In the series, which was created by the same team behind Netflix's Orange Is the New Black, Alison Brie plays Ruth, a struggling actress who auditions for a very different sort of television show: GLOW, a wrestling league with exclusively female wrestlers.

Marc Maron co-stars as Sam Sylvia, a shady, coked-up, languishing B-movie director who is put in charge of the G.L.O.W. organization.

Netflix have had quite a successful run with their original comedies. She stumbles into the field of women's wrestling while looking for "real parts" that will also pay the bills. The series also boasts an fantastic ensemble cast including American Gods' Betty Gilpin, Mr Robot's Sunita Mani, and Marc Maron.

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