Ex-French PM Valls wants to be Macron candidate

Ex-French PM Valls wants to be Macron candidate

Ex-French PM Valls wants to be Macron candidate

The 39-year-old former banker is the first president of modern France elected as an independent.

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Former French prime minister Manuel Valls said today he wanted to be a candidate for newly elected president Emmanuel Macron's centrist movement in next month's legislative elections.

"Plowright is based in Paris, and has been a journalist for fifteen years".

"I will be candidate for the presidential majority and I wish to join the list (of candidates) of his movement", Valls, a Socialist, told RTL radio.

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The election offered a stark choice between Le Pen's plan to ditch the euro and break up the European Union, and the centrist Emmanuel Macron's pledge to deepen European Union integration.

The FN is hoping to dramatically improve on its current tally of two seats in parliament.

Macron has said he was aiming for an absolute majority in the lower chamber in June's elections. If they win a majority of those seats, Macron's job becomes much easier; he selects his own prime minister and works with his party to pass legislation. The last time France had "cohabitation" was during in 1997-2002 under President Jacques Chirac, who described the setup as a state of "paralysis".

German Chancellor Angela Merkel on Monday praised Macron for the "courageous pro-European campaign" he waged against Le Pen's the far-right nationalist movement.

Mr Macron's 577 candidates in the elections are expected to be announced on Thursday. The legislative elections loom and "I'll be at the head of this fight", she said, adding that "the National Front also needs to renew itself". The people held their referendum last Sunday.

The president-elect is left-leaning - a one-time Socialist party member - and was a senior advisor to Hollande and an economy minister in his government 2014-2016.

Mrs May has called an early election for June 8, arguing that her Conservatives need a bigger majority in order to stand firm against - and strike deals with - the EU.

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