Manifesto-writing fugitive found camping on Wisconsin farm

Manifesto-writing fugitive found camping on Wisconsin farm

Manifesto-writing fugitive found camping on Wisconsin farm

A Wisconsin man accused of stealing an arsenal of weapons from a gun shop and sending an anti-government manifesto to President Donald Trump has been arrested after a massive manhunt, authorities said on Friday.

McLean says a niece informed him Friday morning his stepson was found and taken into custody in Vernon County.

Authorities say he was taken into custody at around 6 Vernon County, southeast of La Crosse and around 125 miles northwest of Janesville. "That was our concern".

Authorities say Jakubowski was camping on rural property before surrendering. Gorn was riding an ATV on his property and checking deer stands when he came upon a tarp and the makeshift campsite. "He looked disheveled. He looked like he hadn't slept in some time".

The suspect's mailed manifesto spoke of his disdain for things such as religion and government while exposing his desire to carry out attacks.

Officials did not say where the weapons Jakubowski allegedly stole are now.

Jakubowski was to be charged Friday afternoon.

On April 4, Jakubowski allegedly broke into the Armageddon Gun Shop in Janesville, southeast of Madison, and swiped 18 firearms and two suppressors. He abandoned his auto that was found on fire on a nearby street.

Authorities continued their calls for Jakubowski to turn himself in, noting that nobody has been hurt.

"That is a new element for all of us", Moore said. "We need to spill their blood!" said the document, going on to accuse priests and churches of controlling the president and USA banks.

Over 150 members of law enforcement had been involved in the search.

The Rock County Sheriff's Office said investigators were not aware of any threat toward a specific school, school district, church or religious institution.

"Make no mistake, what could've happened here was a mass shooting".

FBI Special Agent in Charge Justin Tolomeo, Rock County Sheriff Robert Spoden and Janesville Police Chief David Moore answer questions April 14, 2017 about the capture of Joseph Jakubowski, the subject of a manhunt that lasted more than a week. House Speaker Paul Ryan is a resident of Janesville. However, it was later determined that the man "was not Jakubowski and was not related to the police's investigation". He also threatened unspecified attacks. The Janesville School District was briefly put on a lockdown, a district spokesman said.

"I've never seen this level of investigative partnership between state, local, and federal authorities", Spoden said.

Police found firearms in the area where Jakubowski had been apprehended.

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