Tesla Gets Set to Run with the Big Rigs with Electric Truck

Tesla Gets Set to Run with the Big Rigs with Electric Truck

Tesla Gets Set to Run with the Big Rigs with Electric Truck

Elon Musk has some sharp words for shareholders who want changes to Tesla's board of directors: buy Ford shares instead. He offered no other details about the semi, such as whether it will be equipped with Tesla's partially self-driving Autopilot mode.

Tesla's semi-truck finally has a launch date.

Musk first revealed plans to develop an electric semi truck previous year during an earnings call.

There is however a strong hint from Tesla's Master Plan that makes it reasonable to assume these trucks will be packaged with an autonomous driving platform.

According to the BBC, Tesla will reveal a pickup truck - called the Model P - within the next 18 to 24 months.

U.S. automaker Tesla rose to hold the title of the country's most highest-valued vehicle manufacturer after its share price increased this week.

Tesla did not immediately respond to Fortune's request for comment. Further down in the tweet Musk also points out the next Roadster will be a convertible.

Among the most hotly anticipated products announced by Tesla is the Model 3, a mid-range battery electric EV which many believe could corner, as well as expand this market.

The automaker recently raised $1.2 billion and had previously raised $1.5 billion in May a year ago to fund its upcoming Model 3.

He even does not see Tesla making money from its upcoming Model 3 saying that they won't be able to make money out of a auto that is being sold for $35,000.

Tesla, which already builds its mainstay Model S sedan and Model X sport utility vehicle, briefly became the largest US automaker by stock market value early this week when its market valuation surpassed that of General Motors Corp.

In a Monday letter, the group prodded Tesla to grow up and improve its governance, which got blasted previous year when Musk pushed through a merger between Tesla and SolarCity, a money-losing solar-panel company founded by Musk's cousin. The company has a history of delays and coming in under promised production.

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