Police officer on leave took down Jerusalem light rail terrorist

Police officer on leave took down Jerusalem light rail terrorist

Police officer on leave took down Jerusalem light rail terrorist

Friday is sometimes a day of heightened tensions in Jerusalem's Old City when tens of thousands of Muslim worshippers come to pray at the Al-Aqsa Mosque compound.

Worshippers carry crosses during a Good Friday procession along the Via Dolorosa in Jerusalem's Old City April 14, 2017.

Update 6.58pm: A British student who was stabbed to death in Jerusalem today has been identified as Hannah Bladon.

An older Israeli man hurt his leg while trying to flee the scene, and a pregnant woman riding the train suffered light abdominal injuries when it came to a sudden emergency stop.

A U.S. Army veteran who served in Iraq and Afghanistan was stabbed to death Tuesday by a Palestinian while visiting the Israeli coastal city of J...

"This is not the first time that a Palestinian suffering from personal, mental or moral distress has chosen to commit a terrorist attack in order to escape his problems", the Shin Bet statement concluded. "I tackled the terrorist and 'neutralized" him so he couldn't continue hurting innocent people", the officer said.

The attacker was an middle-aged Arab man from the east Jerusalem village of Rasal Amud, Israel Police spokesman Micky Rosenfeld wrote on Twitter.

The attack took place near the walls of Jerusalem's Old City, which was crowded with tourists marking Passover and Good Friday.

Tamimi's knife was recovered from the scene by police.

The British student died two hours after being taken to hospital.

A wave of street attacks by Palestinians in Israel, Jerusalem and the Israeli-occupied West Bank since October 2015 has previously killed 37 Israelis and two American tourists.

She was "the most caring, sensitive and compassionate daughter you could ever wish for", her bereaved family said in a statement, adding that she was also a "talented musician...an enthusiastic rugby player and a keen Derby County supporter..." The Israeli authorities had warned that militant groups, particularly Hamas, might try to carry out attacks over the holiday period although they said there was no specific warning ahead of Friday's stabbing.

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