Georgia cop fired for stomping handcuffed Black man in the face

Georgia cop fired for stomping handcuffed Black man in the face

Georgia cop fired for stomping handcuffed Black man in the face

An attorney is calling for the two Georgia police officers who were fired after being caught on camera having a violent confrontation with a motorist to face criminal charges.

Video showed McDonald assaulting Demetrius Bryan Hollins while assisting a supervisor who had called for backup during a traffic stop about 4pm Wednesday, police said.

The second video shows, recorded by a second motorist, shows Gwinnett County police officer Robert McDonald running up to the scene after Hollin had been handcuffed and tasered, and stomping on the back of his head as he was laying facedown on the street.

(Lawrenceville, Georgia) On April 12, 2017, around 4 p.m., a Gwinnett County police officer was involved in a use of force where a handcuffed man was kicked in the head.

Another witness captured video from a different angle. "The cell phone video is very disturbing and it speaks for itself".

"What happened yesterday was clearly outside of state law and department policy", the statement says.

Now, both former officers are facing criminal charges.

"The revelations uncovered in this entire investigation are shocking", police department spokesman Cpl. "This is not what we expect from our officers, and we aren't going to put up with it". In his report, Bongiovanni said Hollins' auto smelled of marijuana and he then "began to act unusual", saying he wanted to call his mother.

Both officers then struggle with the driver, who is still lying on the ground, and appear to search his pockets. A booking photo of Hollins show his nose and lip bloodied from the encounter.

McDonald, said the police chief, was not. Police said the man, Demetrius Hollins, resisted arrested after being pulled over for a broken tail light. When Hollins tried to get up, Bongiovanni used the stun gun again on him again and was then able to handcuff him, the report says. "However, when police officers betray the public's trust and confidence, justice demands that all those cases that depend on their credibility be dismissed without delay".

"[Bongiovanni] start [ed] shoving me in my auto and telling me that I was never going to have a video, that I was never going to make the phone call to my mom", Hollins said.

Bongiovanni said he deployed his Taser on Hollins multiple times and placed him on the ground.

"Officer McDonald always deals with members of the community in a courteous, professional manner", one supervisor wrote.

The Gwinnett County Police Department said Thursday that McDonald had been fired from his post, and a few hours later, said that Bongiovanni was also fired.

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